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Liu graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy, Ethnic Dance Faculty, in 1991 and worked as a lecturer in the academy thereafter. Liu joined Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 1996. Since that time, she has served the company as a dancer, teacher, and artistic master. During 2004 to 2009, she was appointed as executive artistic director. In 2006, she was awarded the Century Star by the Guangdong Government for her outstanding achievements in the arts. She is working in Guangdong Modern Dance Company as resident choreographer since 2009.

Liu has performed in major dance works, toured extensively with the company, and taken part in many international arts and dance festivals. She has also choreographed many award-winning works for the company. Her work Luxuriant Pavilion (1996) was awarded the gold medal for choreography at the 1997 Tao Li Cup, silver medal for choreography at the 1998 Lotus Awards, and Grand Prize at the 2000 Moscow International Arts Competition. Fight Under the Table(2001) was awarded a silver medal for choreography at the 2001 National Dance Competition and a gold medal for choreography at the 2002 Lotus Awards. Upon Calligraphy(2005) received awards for outstanding choreography, performance, lighting design, and repertoire at the Guangdong Arts Festival 2005. It was featured in the China Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, and the Dance Salad Festival in Houston, TX.

Liu’s major works include: Luxuriant Pavilion(1996), Marriage between Feet and Shoes(1998), Fight Under the Table(2001), Grain(2004), Upon Calligraphy(2005), Ambrosia(2006), Song Of the Earth(2007), Forward-For-Forward(2007), City Race(2008), Voice After(2008), Untitled(2009), Beyond Calligraphy(2011), Sprint(2011), Micro-visionary(2013), Sumeru(2015).


YU Lijun

After graduating from the Guangzhou Ballet School, YU joined GMDC in 2000. She has taken part in all of the company’s main productions and has toured frequently with the company to the U.S.,Canada,Germany, the Netherlands,Poland, and other countries. Her choreographic talent has been recognized based on her dance Quartet, featured in Wind Forest Fire Mountain. Other choreographic works include Searching, Love in the Heart, Back to Origin, Cicada, and Romeo and Juliet.


ZHANG Congbin

ZHANG graduated from Fujian Xiamen Theatre and Dance Schoo lin 1999 and was a dancer at the Xiamen Song and Dance Theatre until 2003. He then entered the GMDC Training Centre and finished the one-year modern dance diploma course before he joined the company as a dancer in 2004. He has choreographed and performed C’est Si Bon, Floating Cloud, and Starting with Courage.


LI Pianpian

LI first studied at the Guangzhou Dance School and later at the Beijing Dance Academy where she graduated from in 2004 with a major in modern dance and choreography. LI worked as a  dance teacher at the Guangdong Artistic Occupation Academy before joining the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 2007. She has choreographed and performed Thief, Pharynx, Supervision Space, Point Zero, and For, all of which received high acclaim.


LIU Qingyu

LIU graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music with a major in Chinese Classical Dance Performance and Education. She has won a gold medal award for Professional Dance (Solo) at the National Youth Art Competition in 2004. Her choreographed works, including Mask (2007) and Sunflower (2008), have been featured at the Youth Dance Marathon of the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival. She successfully completed the Modern Dance Professional Class at the GMDC Training Centre in 2009 and joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company.

She has also choreographed and performed the creation Declaration of Independence and This is a swimming pool.


XIAO Zhiren

XIAO Zhiren graduated with a major in choreography from the Music School department o fHenan Normal University in 2009. He has gained many domestic awards including the famous Lotus Awards for Campus. In 2010, he performed in a creation by world famous choreographer Hou Ying. XIAO’s solo was featured in the Youth Dance Marathon platform of the 7thGuangdong Modern Dance Festival in 2010. He was awarded an Asian Cultural Council Scholarship to study at the American Dance Festival before joining the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 2011. He has choreographed and performed Five Steps, X·2 and Harry.

XIAO was invited in Sino-Australian cultural collabration as guest dancer to participate in EDC’s annual production When time stop.


HE Min

HE graduated from Wuhan Conservatory of Music majoring in dance in 2013, where he was both choreographing and performing several modern dance creations. In the same year he joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, and has since then taken part in all of the company’s main productions such as Duchamp In The I-Ching Mirror, Love Letters, Point Zero and Movement Logic Re-Pot 2013.

He has choreographed and performed I do believe. (To Hai Zi, our poet forever)HE was invited by the Auckland Council to participate in a tri-city cultural exchange showcase during the Auckland-Guangzhou-Los Angeles Tripartite Economic Alliance Summit, and to have workshops with Auckland artists to exchange dance experience.


CHEN Yijie

CHEN graduated from Guangzhou Art School majoring in Chinese dance in 2014, in the same year she joined GMDC. In shool, CHEN took part in the cultural exchange program in the U.S., and she performed in the folk dance Barcarolle, which was awarded both at Taoli Cup Competition and Lingnan Dance Competition.

She has choreographed and performed Journey.


Fu Binjing

Graduated from the Minzu University of China in 2014, she had choreographed and performed a number of campus parties during her school time, such as "goodbye, the people" "home" and so on. Also she got many prizes for her masterpieces. She joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 2015.


Belinda ZHANG
Belinda was born and raised in Australia, where she received her training of Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Repertoire, Partnering, Pas de deux, Pointe, Jazz Dance, Music, Musical Theatre, Singing, Choreography, Body Conditioning, Alexander Technique and Performance Skills. Representing Australia, Belinda performed on China’s national television CCTV channel, “Meeting in Beijing” 2010. After graduating Diploma in Dance at National College of Dance, Newcastle in Australia, she won the Semi Finalist at the Sydney McDonald’s Ballet Scholarship in 2014. Belinda joined GMDC as a professional dance since 2015 summer and performed in the pieces as below: Sumeru, Point one,Fogotten Memories,Black, Days of Heaven, Expression of Dance: When did we become Contemporary?