• June 2014

    German Tanzart Ostwest

    May 2014

    Slovakia International Dance Festival

    March 2014

    Vancouver International Dance Festival

  • May 2013

    A large modern repertoire "love letter" was invited to the 24th Macao Art Festival

    February 2013

    A large modern repertoire "love letter" which is the grand premiere in Guangzhou Friendship Theatre

  • August 2012

    The Camile Dance Festival and Telavi Season

    February 2012

    Yokohama Dance Festival

    February 2012

    Opening ceremony of the central European cultural dialogue

  • December 2011

    Singapore Touch Art Festival

    February 2011

    Japan Yokohama Dance Festival

    February 2011

    Japan Yokohama Dance Festival

  • September 2010

    Swiss Basel Cultural Landscape Art Festival

    January 2010

    Belgium Europa Leah Art Festival and tour in seven cities

  • November 2009

    Tour in five cities in USA

    October 2009

    Taiwan Guandu Festival

    October 2009

    The Frankfurt book fair in Germany

    September 2009

    Tour in five cities in USA

    March 2009

    Germany Brown Cwick World Dance Festival

  • November 2008

    Tour in seven cities in Holland and Belgium

    September 2008

    Denamrk Aarhus International Arts Festival and Italy Luofeiwaduo Dance Festival

    May 2008

    Italy Rome Chinese Cultural Festival

  • November 2007

    Tour in three cities in Russia

    July 2007

    Los Angeles Big Show Season

    May 2007

    Tour in three cities in Holland

  • September 2006

    Tour in five cities in Poland and Belarus

    April 2006

    Houston Dance Salad Festival

  • October 2005

    Washington Chinese Cultural Festival

    Vancouver Chinese Cultural Festival

    August 2005

    Tour in two cities in Poland and Germany

  • October 2014

    Tour in eleven cities in Poland and Germany

    June 2004

    Italy Venice International Dance Festival

  • March 2002

    Houston Dance Salad Festival

  • November 2001

    Tour in two cities in Canada

    November 2001

    Holland International Dance Festival

    September 2001

    Berlin Asian Art Festival

    August 2001

    Indonesia International Art Summit

    July 2001

    Italy Rome International Dance Competition and the judge is Chengming Gao

    February / March 2001

    Tour in three cities in USA

  • November 2000

    Paris International Dance Competition and the judge is Meiqi Yang

    September 2000

    Japan Small IRIS Modern Art Festival

    May 2000

    Brighton Festival

    Edinburgh Art Festival

    Germany Millennium dynamic Art Festival

  • November 1999

    Britain International Modern Music Festival

    October 1999

    Korean Choreography International Art Festival

    June 1999

    Philadelphia “foot 2000 Art Festival”

    May 1999

    Taibei Art Festival

  • November 1998

    Paris International Dance Competition

    August 1998

    Philippines International Dance Festival

    June 1998

    Nantes Art Festival

    January 1998

    Stuttgart Chinese Cultural Festival

  • October/Novermber 1997

    Tour in six cities in USA and Three performances in public in Washington Kennedy Center

    May/July 1997

    To participate in the rehearsal and promotion work which were organized by Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Provincial Culture Department to celebrate large-scale theatrical performances of Hongkong return.

    January 1997

    To participate in "cross century" of the modern dance performances which was organized by the Guangdong Provincial Federation of literary in Guangdong friendship theatre. The actors Xing Liang and Sang Jijia won the "cross century" of the title.

  • December 1996

    The dancer Xingliang who worked as the national outstanding young dancer invited to Beijing to participate in the opening ceremony of the sixth National Literature Artist Conference to show the National Youth melody.

    December 1996

    To participate in the ninth Belarus international modern choreography contest.

    The dancers Houying, Zhou niannian and Shixuan attended the competition which was organized by the  cultural department and won the gold, silver, bronze all awards of "little program creation Award".

    November/December 1996

    To participate in the seventh Paris International Dance competition.

    The dancers Sang jijia and Long yunna respectively won the modern man solo gold medal and the women's solo silver and the performances were showed in French theatre.

    July 1996

    The dancer Sang Jijia was invited to attend the "St. Froilan Will Art Festival" in France.

    April/May 1996

    Tour in Germany and Switzerland and to participate in the Fifth International Dance Festival in switzerland.

  • December 1995

    The first modern dance choreography class graduation.

    December 1995

    Hold for a period of 10 days of the first small theater of modern art exhibitions and activities, and domestic and foreign artists published nearly ten sets of works, and also held a writing workshop and demonstration teaching.

    October 1995

    The first class of modern dance choreography in Guangdong Experimental  Modern Dance Company.

    January 19th-20th 1995

    The dancers Sang Jijia and Houying respectively won the Chinese classical dance first and second prizes in the professional dance competition in Guangdong Province. The choreographer Chengming Gao won the first prize in the creation.

  • November,24th-29th, 1994

     the First National Modern Dance Competition in Chinagained home-glory by winning 8 out of total 12 prizes, including the Best choreography and Best Performermance Awards

    the 6th Paris International Dance Competition company dancer Xing Liang won for China a gold metal with

    his solo performance 

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