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Performance: Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Ticket Price: $150 (Member 20% OFF,Students & Seniors 50% OFF)
Ticketing Hotline: +86 189 2612 3585/+86 20 8704 9512
Date & Time: 2016.04.22-23 ( Fri. & Sat.)20:00
Venue: GMDC Theatre
  • ZHANG Xuefeng Choreographer

    ZHANG graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, where he won the third prize of The Beijing International Ballet Invitational For Dance School in 2010, and also awarded the Best Chinese Choreography Award of Encouragement in The 1st Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition in 2011. After graduation he joined the Dance Ensemble Singapore.
    ZHANG joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 2013. He choreographed a witty piece named Stopover making a great impression.

  • YAO World Music Studio (ZHU Fangqiong, HAN Ying, LI Jiazheng) Musicians

    YAO is a Chinese character made of three characters of “soil” or “field”, which depicts a grand
    mountain. YOA is named by the three musicians, as it indicates that they work on their own field of
    music and eventually come together with a same mind. It is destiny that ties them together.
    They foster the Music-Mandala with various ethnic and handmade musical instruments, creating music motif at their fingertips and the relation between human and environment.

Choreography: ZHANG Xuefeng
Music: YAO World Music Studio
Light Design: LOW Shee Hoe

Custom Design:Fashion Design Studio of the School of Innovation Design, GAFA

I believe everyone should have their own destiny and fate. At the moment, during the destruction of earth, a bunch of abandoned people who cannot escape but are chosen to stay here together till the world ends. How can they face each other for self-salvation?
It’s the debut full length piece by ZHANG Xuefeng, with a year sojourn experience in Singapore after graduating from the Beijing Dance Academy.